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SCISYS and Broadcast Bionics showcase their “secret sauce” for Visual radio workflows 

Harald Gröger, Jesse Karjalainen

At this year’s Broadcast Asia 2017, SCISYS will showcase the next generation of Visual Radio workflows in cooperation with its partner Broadcast Bionics. The concept of Visual Radio is not yet clearly defined. Different radio organisations understand it be different things – from live video streams from the studio during a show to enhancing the radio playout with additional metadata, such as album covers, tour dates, artist information, etc. What broadcasters do agree on, however, is that Visual Radio requires new workflows, new programme ideas and new resources – both technical and human.

Broadcast Bionics and SCISYS have joined forces and expertise to put together their “secret sauce” for Visual Radio workflows, social-media integration and studio controls to develop systems. Their cutting-edge approach allows a modular approach to adding Visual Radio workflows to existing radio workflows. Because ideas about how to do visual radio more broadly are still emerging and a lot of different ideas are being tired out, it is important that technical systems supporting it can adapt to changing requirements. And, since Visual Radio is at present being applied in most cases as an “add-on”, new systems are likely to be working with limited additional resources.

The showcased solution by SCISYS and Broadcast Bionics highlights all of the necessary elements needed for producing Visual Radio: live video feeds from cameras and separate video playout from asset files, graphics, stills, etc – all synchronised with the existing radio playout. And, of course, social media integration plays a big part in all of this.


Another focus by SCISYS is the integration of cloud-based systems into the broadcast workflows. The dira! Scotty app is a mobile content-creation solution for journalists out in the field to speed up the process from preparing a story to playing out a package, including audio, pictures and video. They can prepare the story using the dira! Scotty App (iOS and Android) or using a web client, and deliver it to the station – including a teaser for distribution on other platforms than radio – a twitter feed, for example.

Another cloud-based solution from SCISYS is dira! More. This system allows the delivery of industry music for radio networks – including cover art, track lists, embargo information and more. If required, the music compiler at the radio station can receive email notification of the week’s new releases, pre-listen to the tracks within the web client and transfer the titles into the radio playout system. The dira! Scotty and dira! More modules are the latest cloud-based solutions for broadcasters by SCISYS Media Broadcasting Solutions. The flexible underlying dira! platform that these technologies are based on allows for unlimited future extensions. 


The third product that SCISYS is presenting at BCA 17 is the latest version of the dira! radio production and play out system. The dira! suite is the perfect solution covering the complete radio workflow, from recording and editing to playout. SCISYS has developed radio systems for more than 25 years and its experience shows in a robust product suite that is unmatched in meeting all of today’s demanding requirements. Customers of dira! include everyone from small streamlined radio stations through to large networks with multiple channels, dozens of studios in several locations and operating in multiple languages. When it comes to state-of-the-art integration with third-party systems – from cloud solutions to Bi-Directional MOS integrations – dira! is simply unbeatable for reliability.

SCISYS is a leading manufacturer of radio production and playout systems as well as enterprise level multimedia asset management solutions. Its dira! radio solutions are being used at many major European broadcasters including the BBC and several German public radio stations as well as around the world, such as in Egypt (ERTU), South Africa (SABC) and Vietnam (Voice of Vietnam).


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