Key Account Manager Germany - Sebastian




Sebastian is responsible for the sale of our Media Broadcast products and the customer support in the UK. Following his studies in 2014, he directly started working for SCISYS and is since then frequently seen in the UK and at trade fairs.


What is your job and what does your work involve?

As a Key Account Manager I am responsible for sales and for supporting our customers in the UK.

In sales it’s all about winning new customers, starting new projects with existing customers and expanding current projects. This happens at trade fairs, during customer visits, in response to calls for bids or as a result of a direct inquiry from a (potential) customer in the UK.

In terms of customer support I primarily work on commercial project management, and carry out regular visits to ensure we always cater to the wishes of the customer. I take care of appointments, financial planning, and resource planning, and similarly maintain our support contracts. I also act as the first level of escalation for problems and project decisions.

To get to know the technology better and to familiarise myself with the products I also carry out on-call duty, i.e. being the emergency contact outside of working hours, and try to familiarise myself with the technical details of projects, if possible.


What is your educational background?

As a foundation for this role I completed an integrated degree programme, combining studies in scientific programming with the training as a mathematical and technical software developer. Thanks to this combination, I not only had the opportunity to try out the job as a developer, but also gain broad fundamental technical knowledge.


Tell me about your career at SCISYS so far.

I joined SCISYS Deutschland in April 2014 after finishing my degree and taking a short break. Since then I’ve discovered a new career as a Key Account Manager.


What tools and skills do you use in your role?

My main tools are Microsoft Office products, a mobile phone and, as my customers are in the UK, often also aeroplanes.

An important skill is of course being able to work with different people and to fill different roles. It’s also important to have a basic level of technical knowledge and understanding.


What kind of projects are you working on at the moment?

We are in talks with various new customers and are figuring out some exciting new projects with our existing customers.

In addition we are finishing up the first part of our ViLoR (Virtual Local Radio) project, providing all local radio stations in England with our systems. What makes this project interesting is that it involves the creation of a virtual server environment so that all stations can be supplied with data from two computer centres, which has never occurred before. We are also planning and implementing further projects with our customers in England which will either require replacing our systems or adding new stations to the existing landscape.


What do you like most about your job at SCISYS?

Good relationships with colleagues, short communication channels to senior management and creative freedom in my work. You can tell that the employees matter to the company, and we are all treated like individuals.


What, in your opinion, are some emerging trends in your specific field?

Where possible more and more web applications are aiming to be platform-independent and to simplify version upgrades. That is critical with important systems and applications like ours so that constantly poses new challenges to our experts. As we’ve proven with our ViLoR project, we can cope with these challenges and we welcome this progress.