Touching our technology

How have you used our technology today?

Chances are you have used SCISYS technology today.  This feature page details three areas of everyday life where SCISYS technology makes a real world difference.  

Touching Weather

Overview of weather pdf
Have you watched the forecast today?

SCISYS systems involved with delivering the weather forecast range from weather satellite control, weather image download and processing through to systems that assure the quality of UK digital TV.  Click the image for the full picture.

Touching Radio

Girl listening to the radio
Have you listened to the radio today?

SCISYS radio playout and operational support systems are trusted by major national broadcasters.  If you have listened to the BBC or a German broadcaster today, you have used our technology.  Click the image for more detail.

Touching the Environment

Have you recycled recently?

SCISYS solutions for the UK environment have helped simplify complex European legislation for the citizen, industry and the regulator.  For example, if you have recycled recently, then both the site and the waste movement is regulated with our systems.  Click the image for more details.