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Mon, 19 Dec 2016
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Forming the Future of European Infrastructure for Monitoring and Control of Space Systems

SCISYS successfully identified required interfaces and common cross-mission functional components within ESA´s future ground systems infrastructure.

The European Ground Systems – Common Core (EGS-CC) is a European initiative to develop a common infrastructure to support space systems monitoring and control in pre- and post-launch phases for all mission types. This is expected to bring a number of benefits, such as the seamless transition from spacecraft Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) to mission operations, reduce cost and risk, support the modernisation of legacy systems and promote the exchange of ancillary implementations across organizations. The initiative is being performed as collaboration between ESA, European National Agencies and European Industry.

SCISYS has been assigned by ESA to focus on two major aspects of the future common ground segment infrastructures. The examination of current functions and interfaces fulfilled by the deployed ground systems and the identification of those who are yet not available or provided by EGS-CC laid the groundwork for the definition of generic and common functional components that will be available as add-ons for the future implementation of core infrastructure based on EGS-CC. The idea is to provide core monitoring and control functionalities within the EGS-CC that can be extended by different mission-specific add-ons. As many of these add-ons are shared between missions or required for monitoring and control of ground systems, SCISYS defined together with the ESOC a baseline for the design of these components and to ensure their compatibility and connectivity in the future.

The overall outcomes of this project will now allow to refine the identified EGS-CC extensions and to enable ESA to proceed with the initiative to migrate from the existing Spacecraft Operations System (SCOS) to EGS-CC as the future core monitoring and control infrastructure for spacecraft and ground stations.

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