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SCISYS flight software contributes to NASA’s GRACE-FO climate mission

SCISYS flight software contributes to NASA’s GRACE-FO climate mission

SCISYS is proud to be a contributor of Flight Application Software for the GRACE Follow-On (GRACE-FO) joint US-German mission, managed by JPL for NASA. The launch was successful (click on these links from SpaceX or NASA for more). Both satellites are now healthy. These will extend the GRACE mission of tracking Earth's water movement to monitor changes in underground water storage, the amount of water in large lakes and rivers, soil moisture, ice sheets and glaciers, and sea level caused by the addition of water to the ocean.

These discoveries provide a unique view of Earth's climate and have far-reaching benefits to society and the world's population.

SCISYS Flight Software is the brains of the GRACE-FO satellites. Our software enables operators to manage and control the satellite and its instruments, and configure autonomous activities.


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