BBC Coyopa - Media Asset Management

Content Management for the BBC’s Listen Again Service

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SCISYS Media Asset Management

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General contractor


Brock House in London


14 recording lines
 28 live output lines for international and UK webcast streams delivery of BBC Radio Listen Again files for internet download


Coyopa covers the BBC’s national radio output for live and on demand listening, and is a key part of My BBC Radio. Coyopa aims to improve the service for internet listeners by improved resilience, better audio quality, offering more codec formats, improved accuracy of start/end timings of Listen Again files, and providing more programes for Listen again (downloads/streamed)

The SCISYS system delivered within Coyopa provides the Radio Scheduling and Content System, and is used for routing the 28 lines of UK and International output of 14 BBC radio channels for live streaming and delivering the Listen Again files towards the Webcast contractor.
It is essential for the system to manage the internet rights for live streaming and download of radio content for national and international distribution purposes, such as sport distribution rights. Thus, the SCISYS Coyopa system needs to manage scheduled and live blanking commands, resulting in playing jingles in the live streams during the blanking periods and cutting blanked sections out of the recorded programmes for Listen Again delivery

Within Phase 2 of the Coyopa project, the recording schedules get automatically matched with the imported BBC radio schedules for each of the 14 recorded channels. Pre-produced programes as well as extra-produced programes, e.g. weekly highlights from a specific radio show, shall get imported automatically and improve the quality of the Listen Again download files.
In addition, a more complex definition of jingle stacks to be played out in the live streams during blanking periods will be possible using the new 28-multichannel jingle player from SCISYS

On demand, the blanking periods for all delivery outputs (UK stream/download, International stream/download) of a recorded programe, can be edited and redefined manually for Listen Again Delivery. For this purpose, SCISYS developed a new editor capable of handling up to 4 blanking EDLs for one recording, offering the user a modern, flexible and easy-to-use application, an enhanced version of the dira! Startrack-Editor.

The whole workflow chain from creating the live schedule, delivering the live audio considering blanking periods, applying blanking periods to recorded programes for Listen Again, and the fast and reliable delivery of these files towards the webcast contractor, is a fully automatic process.

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