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SCISYS SPACE: Sixth national 'Satellite Communication in Germany' conference, Bonn, Germany

The sixth national ‘Satellite Communication in Germany’ conference will be held on 14–15 May 2019, once more at the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn. Senior representatives from industry and research will join public funding agencies. They will discuss how satellite communication is an indispensable contribution to communication networks in tomorrow’s world.

In addition to scientific talks, the event will also feature overview talks and panel discussions on the following topics:

• Satellites in the 5G mobile communications network / digitalisation
• Terrestrial-space network
• On-board processing for more flexible networks
• Secure communication in government and commercial networks
• Innovative payload technologies
• Future satellite systems
• Optical communications networks.

SCISYS will contribute a lecture to the program. More information will follow.

Sixth national 'Satellite Communication in Germany' conference.