Applying to SCISYS Space

Useful tips when applying to SCISYS Space

You have seen a job posting that grabs your interest and you would like to join SCISYS? We genuinely look forward to receiving your application. Please note the following advice and useful tips when preparing your application to SCISYS.

1. Take advantage of the online application process

If you find an interesting job posting on our website then only a small step remains to submit your application. At the top and bottom of each job positing there is a button that initiates the online application process, which is easily completed within a few minutes.

As we receive numerous applications each day and to ensure a prompt, efficient and carefully considered evaluation of your application we recommend you submit your application in electronic format. This ensures the appropriate area specialist reviews your application with minimal delay. Although we strongly encourage the online application process we do of course also accept applications submitted by post.

2. Which documents should your application include?

When applying to SCISYS your application should as a minimum include a cover letter and your CV. Your application should highlight the direct relevance of your background and experience for a given position.

3. The Europass CV

If you are seeking a template for your CV then we recommend the Europass template, which adheres to a European standard for all recruitment related documents. Additional information on the free of charge template can be obtained from your applicable country’s Europass Centre webpage.

4. Unsolicited Applications

Where there is no relevant position open at a given time but you are still interested in applying to SCISYS then please do take advantage of our unsolicited application process. We are very keen and interested to hear from you.

5. SCISYS Candidate Database

If your application is not suitable for a given position you have the choice, subject to your explicit approval, of being added to our database of potential candidates. Also, if we do not have a suitable vacancy open then we can still add you to our candidate database via an unsolicited application. Doing so allows us to stay in touch and to contact you directly when another interesting or more suitable opportunity arises that matches your profile. SCISYS of course adheres to the German data protection laws.

6. Applying for multiple positions

If more than one position grabs your interest then please feel free to apply multiple times. From past experience we do however see several cases where an applicant submits all their details and documentation in response to one job posting but not the rest, which assumes incorrectly the same area specialist is reviewing your application. We therefore recommend you submit all your details and documentation in response to each job posting you apply for to ensure your whole application is automatically received by our recruitment team.