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The end to end solution for audio broadcasting

Making radio is as often a thoroughly planned process as it is a spontaneous and creative artistic expression. To combine both aspects, you need a solution that combines flexibility with control, reliability with cutting edge technology and proven workflows with instant performance: the dira! Radio Production and Playout Suite.

At the core of the dira! Radio system is the instant access to the three most important elements of radio production:The audio files, any accompanying data and the broadcasting schedule. Whether you wish to automatically record feeds, research sounds, write a script, edit an item or plan your programming, dira! Radio is at your fingertips, guiding your work from the initial idea to the final schedule you take into the studio. And regardless of whether you want to import music items from a scheduling package, patch through a breaking news item or produce a masterpiece of reporting together with several colleagues, dira!’s answer to your needs is just a few mouse clicks away.

Once you are ready to go on air, dira! Radio is ready to accept your commands. From running a predetermined schedule to a fully flexible format in which the next item is determined only seconds before it goes on air, dira! Radio has the tool to match your needs. And in the case you are not even there when the program is to air, you can prerecord your cues, determine crossfades and insert jingles hours ahead, leave office, let the system broadcast in your name and rely on it – at our customers, fully automated dira! systems have been broadcasting around the clock, without a second of interruption, for over two years.

Of course, dira!’s functionality does not end the second you close the last fader. With detailed as-run logging, as-broadcast recording and automated interfaces to accounting and rights tracking, dira! Radio ensures that, instead of spending precious time on administrative tasks, you can quickly be back at what you do best – making the best program for your listeners.

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