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SCISYS services from consulting to support

The dira! and SCISYS Media Asset Management solutions are the solid basis to excellent solutions. However ultimate success requires even more than that.

Competent consulting, custom-fitted technology, highly skilled integration services and reliable project management and quality assurance are additional cornerstones to the successful implementation of SCISYS’ turnkey projects. And once a project has successfully been implemented, it does not end – it rather just starts there. This is why SCISYS is offering an extensive service package to surround their products. At the core of this service package are the customizable, flexible support offerings ranging from basic telephone support to a 24/7 full-range package including not only hardware and software maintenance but interruption-free updates, system configuration, remote pre-emptive monitoring, preventive maintenance and the possibility of having a dedicated SCISYS staff member on site as a part-time or fulltime partner.

SCISYS also offers a full range of training in their own training center equipped with a complete, top of the line dira! and media:fabric software installation. From basic user introduction all the way to in-depth administrator and support staff training, any course is available, allowing you to make the maximum use of your installation. Of course, all training is also available on the customer’s site and system.

And if your challenge does not yet have an answer, SCISYS supports your evaluation process and designs a solution that will exactly meet your needs – in favor of leveraging your business results based on state-of-the art media broadcasting solutions.

Did you know?

SCISYS has a division dedicated to application management.

We not only support our systems, but also 3rd party solutions.

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