EA Farms Case Study

Innovative Scheduling Solution for the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is using FARMS (Farm Assessment and Regulatory Management System); a SCISYS built innovative Agricultural Scheduling System to provide both a mobile and back-office solution to improve the management and undertaking of farm inspections. 

There are over 150,000 farms in England and Wales, each governed by up to 17 regulations that require registration with the Environment Agency. When the Environment Agency acted to combine inspection visits, supporting software was required.  FARMS enables Inspectors to identify "high risk" farms and check for compliance against multiple regulations in a single visit - saving valuable time for all. 

The FARMS application has been very well received by the inspectors, with one commenting “Great to have an IT system that is utterly user-centric!

FARMS consists of a server-based back office component that provides information on the permits that apply to a particular farm as well as the risks associated with location and size, with scope to record previous non-compliance and agricultural accreditations.  The system also holds the inspection reports from the last visit.   This allows the prioritisation of farm inspections based on a complex risk formula, so those that pose a threat to the environment are more likely to be visited.

The system automatically collates the data needed by the Inspector for the farms scheduled for inspection, providing a single form that is unique to that farm, with no repetition of data collection and on-form validation to reduce errors and the need for repeat contact with the farmer. The inspection form and associated documentation pack is downloaded to a mobile device which can then be completed in situ with the farmer.

The integration of the numerous bespoke forms covering a wide range of legislative regimes is a unique concept that is a direct result of the close working relationship and innovative culture between SCISYS and the Environment Agency, and can be transferred to other complex regulatory domains outside Environmental Protection.

For more information visit the Environment Agency website.

The risk based approach to inspection reduces the impact of regulation on well managed farms

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