The energy market is facing immense change in with the need to continually reduce costs while improving customer service. We work with customers throughout the energy sector from upstream oil and gas through to electricity distribution. SCISYS delivers innovation, consultancy, systems integration, development and managed services to the energy market, for example:

GIS strategy and solutions
As a market leading in GIS services we provide strategic consultancy and guidance for energy customers. Our implementation teams are delivering cloud mapping and spatial data services to improve the customer experience, while lowering operational costs (see our GIS pages for more information).

Pipeline inspections
Using autonomous robots, data fusion and machine learning, SCISYS is reducing the cost of maintenance and repair of pipelines and other remote assets using our Network Intelligence Portal.

Automating rig processes 
We are also transferring technology developed in the space sector to automate oil rig processes with Schlumberger.

Cloud migration strategy and implementation 
SCISYS is improving agility while reducing costs for utilities customers by moving services to the cloud.

Mobile workforce
We enable mobile working through the implementation of workforce solutions on mobile and tablet devices.

Billing systems
We have an established track-record of delivering and running complex billing systems for energy customers (see our UKPN case study).

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