Regulatory Solutions

Making the software part of the solution, not part of the problem.

The nature of regulation in the UK has been changing for a number of years. Increasing operational efficiency and reducing the burden on the regulated, whilst maintaining focus on those who flaunt regulation, is now the standard approach. This way of working is encapsulated by the term "risk-based regulation". This approach has been in evidence since the publication of the Hampton and Gershon reports and has received a new impetus as the impact of the financial crisis is coming to bear on the public sector and even greater efficiencies are being sought. SCISYS remains at the forefront of the evolving regulatory landscape through its proven regulatory framework, which we call Regulys.

See below for more details on Regulys, and the links in the right hand column for more information on our approach to delivering regulatory software in the Environment and Government domains.

Features of the Regulys framework.

Regulys incorporates a business process model that means the system matches the way you work, not the other way round. The model is flexible, adaptable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Workflow and automation: releasing staff to the front line - Regulys uses workflow and scheduling to ensure the right jobs go to the right people. Workloads can be monitored and any element of Regulys can run manually or automatically, allowing the system to be tuned to increase automation and release more staff to the front line.
  • Automatic issue of permits and licences based on risk - A set of rules are applied to licensee and previous monitoring data to define the risk for granting a licence. "Simple" notification licences (registrations) are available on-line, and more complex or "Bespoke" licences can be granted efficiently based on the operator's past performance.
  • Inspection only when it is needed - The same rules process is applied to inspection. Random inspections and inspections of new licensees can be built within Regulys. Inspectors are empowered with mobile solutions, giving them all the relevant data and forms to report back.
  • Getting the right information at the right time - Regular reporting can be driven straight from operational data, removing the need for intermediate spreadsheets and reporting mechanisms. Investigative and ad hoc reports are also available.

Regulys is designed to be easily adaptable between regulatory domains. It covers all parts of the regulation process and is "model driven" allowing rapid adaptation to cover the unique areas of your activity. This move from expensive, one-off, bespoke development has other cost advantages: changes and additions are made easily, with production and testing largely automated.