MACSYS: The future of marine integration

What is MACSYS?

MACSYS is an integrated platform management system (IPMS), situational awareness and navigation solution that integrates vessel instrumentation and controls onto a single display, either on board or remotely. It improves operator control as everything is within reach of the user and all in one place. 

MACSYS uses the proven SCISYS SEAF technology to talk to all your hardware directly; tightly integrating your systems and all your information.  The technology allows single or multiple hardware components to be upgraded or replaced without having to replace the whole system.


MACSYS can be smaller, lighter and more easily fitted into your existing fleet or new vessel than any other product on the market.

MACSYS is being used by the RNLI in their latest Shannon class all-weather lifeboat.  The environmental conditions and complexities or search and rescue missions has proven the robustness and usability of the system.

Main Features of MACSYS

  • Allows crew members to monitor and operate their vessel from their seat
  • Promotes crew collaboration and reduces effort needed to operate a vessel
  • Brilliantly robust, MACSYS can perform in the most hostile conditions –salt water resistant computers, shock resistant etc
  • We don’t mind what equipment you want to use
  • Use off the shelf products – easy replacement and upgrade
  • You choose how you want the GUI to look for your crew
  • Puts crew safety and security at the forefront
  • Its developed by a strong company with excellent track record and credentials
  • Maximise effectiveness by using the latest technology and emerging mission methods
  • If you need to change your equipment you can swap it out without costly refit

MACSYS Benefits

  • Reduces wheelhouse clutter by removing the need for a separate console for each piece of equipment
  • Considerably reduces weight and footprint of electrical systems
  • Reduced through life costs and less refit - realise the most from your investment in a vessel.
  • No vendor lock in during system lifetime
  • Based on standard off the shelf components allowing easy replacement and upgrade
  • Latest technology maximises system effectiveness
  • The system interface can be easily tailored to exact requirements –simplified operation
  • Facilitates team working through integrated handover-take-control
  • Options for remote monitoring and control of the system from shore side operations

Where is MACSYS Marine Used?

  • MACSYS originally developed in conjunction with the UK MOD to provide an electronics architecture for fighting vehicles
  • Pulls together the information from systems within the tank onto a GUI
  • Provides situational awareness with other assets and can coordinate and control attack procedures
  • For Marine Users –
  • MACSYS adopted by the RNLI for their latest All-Weather Lifeboat: the Shannon
  • MACSYS Incorporated into the RNLI SIMS for Shannon
  • Shannon is in the final acceptance stage of Sea Trials
  • Some key features of the Shannon:

    • designed in-house by RNLI architects
    • 25 knot lifeboat using twin water jets
    • Highly manoeuvrable, giving crew greater control when alongside other craft
    • Water jets reduce the risk of damage occurring during launch and recovery
    • Seats are designed to protect crew members spines in rough weather
    • Using SIMS, everything can be controlled from your seat, preventing injury due to walking around.
    • Active service in 2014

What does MACSYS Marine Integrate?

Using SCISYS proven SEAF technology, MACSYS integrates:

  • Navigational equipment: GPS, Direction finders, compass, depth etc
  • Charting
  • Communications, VHF, MF Radio – SATCOMS and Internet if required
  • Audio  - intercom system – changing radio channels using software
  • Engines and water-jets
  • CCTV – cameras and mission recording
  • Hydraulic and electrical systems
  • Fuel management
  • Bilge and seawater monitoring
  • Fire protection
  • Has full ALARM monitoring and handling to alert crew of issues.
  • And much more - if it has an interface, we can integrate it!

For Further Information

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