SLD Editor

SLD Editor


The SLD Editor is a Java desktop application developed by SCISYS and contributed to the open-source community that allows the creation and editing of OGC Styled Layer Descriptors interactively using a graphical user interface.

The application provides a toolset to improve workflow.

Main features include:

  • Vector (point, line and polygon) symbol editing
  • Raster symbol editing
  • Text symbol editing
  • Functions, filters, expressions, transformations all configurable via dialog
  • GeoServer vendor options supported:

    • Labelling
    • WKT geometry
    • Windbarbs

  • Integration with GeoServer
  • Map viewer
  • Ability to convert Esri MXD files to SLD files (requires separate licensed components not supplied as part of this project)

Download the SLD Editor
The tool has been contributed to the open source community so to download the latest version or help contribute please go to our github SLD Editor contributor page.

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