geospatial data 
to a new level


Cartosys is a configurable OSGeo based web enabled Geographic Content Management System (GCMS).

It allows users to cost effectively create and share geospatial data, services, maps and applications. To do this it offers a suite of spatially enabled modules. When combined these allow internal and external users to collaborate through the map. Cartosys uses open standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


Cartosys leverages your existing investment in geospatial technologies.

It is built on an open architecture and uses industry standards, and can integrate with your existing open source and COTS products.

Enables user communities to easily and cost effectively manage, publish, discover, share and analyse geospatial data and maps.

Data can be used from within and outside the Enterprise.

Modular approach allows the combination of data and maps with a catalogue of tools to manage and publish complex geospatial applications.


Modules include: 

Cartosys Manage: import data via drag and drop. Connect to third party datastores via OGC services.

Cartosys Edit: editing of data including configurable validation rules and permissions

Cartosys Catalogue: INSPIRE compliant metadata catalogue with full text and spatial query capabilities

Cartosys Maps: create, style and publish maps publically or privately from any data in the catalogue

Cartosys Apps: create and publish geospatial applications by combing data layers and Cartosys tools

Cartosys Mobile: connected / disconnected access to data in the field

Cartosys Report: create a variety of reports and/or dashboards

Cartosys Share: collaborate through the map, e.g. sharing scribbles, bookmarks etc

Cartosys Security: manage permissions and authentication to control who can see what, and when.



Key benefits: 

ü Cost effective

ü Scalable

ü Easy to use

ü Flexible

ü Cloud hosted

ü Open standards

ü Secure

ü Can be provided as SaaS

ü Enable as you go

ü Use in the Cloud

ü Use on premise

ü Use as a hybrid solution

ü Can be deployed out of the box


Call us today on 01249 466 574 to discuss your needs and the benefits Cartosys can deliver to your organisation.

Email us on GISscisys.couk



Cartosys is available through the Digital Marketplace, click for more information.



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