SCISYS maximises the benefits of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - tools that capture, store, analyse, manage and present data that is linked to location have been around for years and have traditionally been the domain of specialists in specific markets.

However, in recent years the focus has shifted to the provision of location based services that are integrated within a wider business process that use spatial data as just one part of the decision making process.  Increasingly this power is being put in the hands of end users, think about the rise of Google Maps and Bing and how this has democratised the use of spatial services.

At SCISYS we have been delivering spatial services for several decades and our team of specialists is now focusing on three key elements

  • Delivering open standards based solutions that are increasingly making use of hybrid or fully open source technologies to manage, exchange and visualise spatial data
  • Integrating spatial data into the business process to enable location based decisions without the need for GIS experts / GIS systems
  • Situational awareness such as visualising a dynamic operational situation on a map across a range of platforms including command centres, vehicles and vessels as well as on handheld devices in the field

To deliver these services SCISYS has a group of staff that are GIS specialists; ensuring that the data to be represented is structured correctly and fit for purpose and that the mapping and analytical functions used bring maximum benefit with minimum user complexity. We also ensure adherence and maximum benefit from the use of standards including the Open Geospatial Consortium standards for open management of spatial data.

GIS products

Digiright and cartosys are available through the Digital Marketplace, click for more information.


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