Keeping your essential IT running


Your business relies on IT systems on a day to day basis.  Keeping your IT suite running is crucial but should not impact your core business. At SCISYS we take a personal and considered approach, maximising the benefits of your IT estate and minimising disruption when problems occur.

Working with our customers we:

  • Tailor a service to fit your business needs and budget
  • Establish clear, simple lines of communication
  • Provide a complete range of wholly UK based services 
  • Exploit SCISYS' experience of the whole software lifecycle

Service Elements

Application Support

Our support analysts are experienced problem solvers. They understand not only the technologies used but how applications are used in your business, and will ensure your issues are resolved effectively and efficiently. Our ITIL processes, coupled with 24/7 service desk facilities, ensure that not only do we address the immediate issue but, through proactive problem management, we get to the underlying causes. This provides ongoing system stability and prevents the recurrence of issues.

Application Enhancements

Updating your current IT applications ensures they continue to meet the needs of your business. This approach offers a fantastic return on investment and ensures your applications continue to deliver maximum value.  SCISYS is expert at managing bespoke applications, even if they were developed by others, across a wide range of languages, platforms and environments. Combining enhancements with our managed support service allows you to concentrate on your core business and ensures your IT suite is resilient and up to date.


Application transformation can be complicated and risky. Understanding the drivers for transformation, the potential impact, risks and formulating mitigration strategies is crucial ensuring that the functions provided by the existing, and new solution, are not compromised.

Transforming incrementally greatly reduces risk and the combined abilities of SCISYS to maintain existing legacy applications, whilst developing and deploying new ones, ensures we are able to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

Managed service

Our complete turn-key solution, including secure hosting, provides many benefits for our clients; most importantly the guarantee that there is no weak-link in the complicated application delivery chain. We are flexible on how each service is applied and adapted to your specific needs – there is no ‘one solution fits all’. We continually assess every element of the overall solution, ensuring that SCISYS will serve your business needs now and in the future.

Data Management

Organisations rely on data to manage day to day operations, to drive continuing improvement, to identify future direction and to demonstrate compliance. Inaccurate or unavailable data can lead to lost revenue, inefficient business practices and increased risk. SCISYS can work with your business and your partners to progressively improve the quality, availability and accessibility of your data. This will enable you to make intelligent decisions, meet compliance requirements and react to changing market conditions.

Legacy technologies

Our application support team looks after applications that, whilst they are business critical to their users, use unusual or ageing languages and packages that many larger providers will no longer support. Rather like caring for a classic car, we know how to keep these applications bringing value to the customer for as long as is sensible, replacing them with modern equivalents only when the time is right.

Quality and Security

Our Service Management tools and our team of support analysts are all ITIL certified and this provides us with the knowledge and capability to deliver services that add real benefit to your business.

Additionally our ISO27001 Information Security Accreditation, covering all SCISYS operations, ensures we have the facilities and the knowledge to support and manage your secure systems and data.

Advice, guidance and training

SCISYS has experience in providing tailored training for your staff as well as help and guidance in promoting new application services to your customers. We can build a range of training and guidance aids, developed in professional content authoring tools, which support your existing solutions and new developments. These include software documentation, FAQ guides (for both print and online help systems) as well as interactive video tutorials tailored to your business needs.

Customers and Partners

Contact Us

To find out more contact our application management team by email or telephone on +44 (0)1249 466466.