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SCISYS wins prestigious research contract to integrate semi-autonomous vehicles with its vehicle-management software

SCISYS has won a prestigious research contract to integrate semi-autonomous vehicles with its vehicle management software.   

Armed forces are increasingly using robotic platforms. The UK MOD Defence And Security Accelerator (DASA) has funded six demonstrations of semi-autonomous “wingman” platforms to understand how such platforms can be run and exploited by vehicle and helicopter crews, forming a Man-Unmanned Team (MUM-T).

SCISYS is recognised as a leader in the integration of vehicle (and vessel) equipment into a unified mission system, and is pleased that DASA have recognised that SCISYS can demonstrate the value of seamless integration onto a single display, using the MOD vehicle standard, the Generic Vehicle Architecture. The main aim of the demonstration is to understand how to minimise the work required by the operator, known as cognitive burden, while maximising the utility of the wingman.

The winning SCISYS team includes the innovative SME DCE, who are providing their flexible and inexpensive X3 robotic platform and HFE Solutions – a specialist human factors consultancy.

Andy Whitehead, SCISYS divisional director commented: “This win further demonstrates the SCISYS knowledge and position in the platform mission systems market.  We are looking forward to a successful demonstration of a fully integrated system with our partners that will minimise crew burden and maximise the tactical utility of the wingman”.


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