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INDIE exhibited at the Deutsches Museum Bonn

The exhibition “Robots – our pathfinders in space” taking place at the Deutsches Museum in Bonn presents a roadshow on German space robotics activities through numerous exhibits and projects. INDIE, the experimental robotics platform from SCISYS, will also be exhibited until 13 March.

The exhibition is closely linked to the 2nd National Conference for Space Robotics in Berlin, which SCISYS is contributing to by one of our experts delivering a lecture. As part of the opening ceremony Federal Minister Philipp Rösler opened the conference by cutting the ceremonial ribbon via telepresence in Bonn.

INDIE is a robotic research platform that allows hardware and software testing in representative conditions on earth. With numerous sensors and two high-resolution stereo cameras INDIE is well equipped to handle the different challenges posed by the field of planetary exploration.

SCISYS is also presenting two of its current research activities in the area of space robotics. Within the MICCRO project SCISYS is developing in close cooperation with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) a generic mission and operations concepts for various robotics mission scenarios. The main goal of the FASTMAP research project is to develop processes onboard an interplanetary robotic lander to generate digital evaluation models and detailed maps of the landing area. These images are the basis for the selection of the precise landing site, as well as any subsequent orientation and navigation on the surface of an interplanetary object such as the Moon or Mars.

The exhibition „Roboter – unsere Wegbereiter ins Weltall“ is being held at the Deutsches Museum Bonn from 6 March until 10 April 2012. Further information can be found on the museum’s website [...]