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SCISYS secures first projects involving CubeSats

SCISYS is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract to support the delivery of a major element of the UK MOD’s CubeSat Research Programme.

A CubeSat is a type of miniaturised satellite, currently developed for space research that usually has a volume of exactly one litre (10cm cube), a mass of little more than one kilogram and typically uses commercial off-the-shelf electronic components. CubeSats represent a disruptive technology for operational users who require rapid, low cost, short duration deployment of sensing and communications capability in Low Earth Orbit.

As part of the Gioconda industry consortium (under the leadership of Roke Manor Research), SCISYS will undertake software tasks in support of the delivery of engineering and flight-ready models (mechanically, electrically, electronically and functionally representative) and electrical ground support equipment (EGSE) for an advanced experimental radio payload suitable for subsequent deployment in space within a CubeSat.

In a second award, SCISYS has been contracted by the UK Space Agency to provide support to on-board data handling software for the UKube-1 programme, currently under development by Clyde Space Ltd, which will host several innovative scientific payloads.

Roger Ward, Head of On-Board Software at SCISYS commented “we are thrilled to be involved in these programmes. We feel our experience in mainstream satellite solutions gives us real insights into what can be better offered through CubeSats. Our autonomy and automation skills should be especially useful in developing software to support new types of low cost, end to end operations. CubeSats introduce a whole new class of business opportunity and could encourage more operational space missions in the future.”