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SCISYS congratulates ESA on „Government Agency of the Year“ award

The European Space Agency (ESA) has won the “SpaceNews Award” as „Government Agency of the Year“ SCISYS Deutschland GmbH congratulates as a long-time partner. 

The space magazine “SpaceNews” has honoured ESA for its impressive achievements in 2018. One of this year’s outstanding missions is BepiColombo, which was launched last October. The satellite now is on its seven year journey to mercury and is expected to provide new insights into the least explored planet in our solar system from 2025 onwards.

In order to enable the transfer of the gathered data and to ensure a proper communication between space and earth, the so-called Telemetry, Tracking and Command Processor (TTCP) has been installed in the deep space ground stations. It was developed especially for ESA by a team comprising the Bochum software experts of SCISYS Deutschland GmbH, BAE Systems, C-STS and Atos 

Safe communication even under the most difficult conditions

TTCP – a satellite modem – was significantly enhanced for BepiColombo and is capable of overcoming the sources of interference caused by mercury’s proximity to the sun. This guarantees a permanent exchange between the satellite and the ground stations even in critical phases. Just a few days ago an Argentine ground station used the five hour visual contact with BepiColombo, to test the ion thrusters of the spacecraft. Communication for this was ensured by the local TTCP systems. 

The award for ESA does not only refer to BepiColombo. The Aeolus mission and the launch of the Sentinel-3B satellite als9o convinced the jury, as did the launch of the meteorological sat-ellite MetOp-C and the progress of the European satellite navi-gation system Galileo. SCISYS was and is involved in all those missions with various contributions.

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