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Customer & Contact Data

In addition to use of the website, the following sets out our position more generally where we retain personal data in the course of our business as a Data Controller. We operate a CRM system for storing customer, supplier and sales information, and we may use this to store your contact information. Please contact us if you require further information about this by contacting gdpr [at] scisys.co.uk. 

In addition we will store customer, partner and subcontractor  personal data (such as names, postal and email addresses) in the course of sales activities and where we contract with you to provide software services. We have a legitimate interest in doing so. If our software services entails the processing of personal data, we will agree the terms upon which the personal data is processed with you in our contract with you, through a bespoke data-processing agreement. 

We will also store supplier information (such as names, postal addresses and email addresses) in the course of placing orders with suppliers. We also keep information needed for payment purposes (for suppliers and other third parties) and have a legitimate interest in doing so. We will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to keep such personal data secure. 

We will also contact our investors in order to notify them of general meetings and to provide notice of shareholder resolutions.  We have a legitimate interest in doing so. In all cases please contact us if you require further information about this by contacting gdpr [at] scisys.co.uk.


Your personal data is protected in the UK by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. We will use technical and organisational measures to safeguard your personal data. For example, personal data held by us will be stored on secure servers.

While we will use all reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal data, you acknowledge that the use of the internet cannot ever be guaranteed to be entirely secure. 

Our legitimate interest is the basis for our right to process your personal data so you can receive investor email alerts, and other related materials. Were we to engage in any pure mass-marketing activities, we would seek your consent. We will rely on our legitimate interest to process personal data submitted to us if you apply to work for us. In any event you can opt out by unsubscribing to the services as outlined above or by contacting recruitment [at] scisys.co.uk as appropriate.

Our legitimate interest is the basis for our right to store sales and customer information, including within a CRM system.

Where we rely on our legitimate interests as our GDPR basis, you can object to this basis by contacting gdpr [at] scisys.co.uk.

If you have any complaints about our processing of your personal data, then you can contact the ICO at ico.org.uk.

You have the right to request a copy of information which we hold about you (this is known as a subject access request).  You can require us to correct any mistakes in your information which we hold free of charge.  We will delete personal data when it is no longer required and/or where your consent has been withdrawn and you have requested this.  Please contact us for more information. Details of how to contact us are available at http://www.scisys.co.uk/contact.html.

We may change this privacy policy from time to time, and the most recent version will be published on our website here.