Who We Are

The SCISYS Group is a leading developer of IT services. We develop robust, real-world application solutions and provide supporting services that create real business benefit.

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Employing around 500 staff, SCISYS group is a leading developer of information and communications technology services, e-business, web and mobile applications, editorial newsroom solutions and advanced technology solutions.

The Company operates in a broad spectrum of market sectors, including media & broadcast, space, government & defence and commercial sectors. SCISYS clients are predominantly blue-chip and public-sector organisations.

Customers include the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Defence, Airbus Defence & Space, Arqiva, Vodafone, the European Space Agency, Eumetsat, the BBC, RNLI, AON, Interflora and the National Trust. The Company has UK offices in Chippenham, Bristol, Leicester and Reading and German offices in Bochum, Darmstadt and Munich.

SCISYS PLC, Headquarters, Methuen Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 0GB, UK, www.scisys.co.uk.

Our Approach

  • Our people are good at what they do
  • We understand the goals and needs of the customer
  • We are flexible in our approach and innovative in our solutions
  • We don’t walk away and our solutions work
  • We use technology & best practice to enhance competitiveness 

Our Values

Commitment, Enthusiasm & Belief

  • We value what we do because it matters to our customers
  • We enjoy our work, our own and our customers’ achievements.  We are keen to be good at what we do
  • We seek to improve, so we look for and are receptive to new ideas,  often beyond the obvious

Focus, Flexibility, Inclusion & Trust

  • We’re clear and focused about what we’re doing and when it needs doing
  • We accept responsibility for our work, adapting ourselves to new challenges
  • Everyone is informed, listened to & involved; we take collective responsibility for achieving our vision

Honest, Genuine, Supportive & Real

  • We are open and honest about our activities
  • We openly communicate and resolve concerns and difficulties through helping, not blaming, each other
  • We respect staff members’ individuality as part of our corporate identity: we present ourselves as we are

Our customers include:

SCISYS Group Structure