Wed, 07 Feb 2018
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Spacecraft Operations Engineer

We are looking for a Spacecraft Operations Engineer to work at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany.

This position is covering an Earth Observation Spacecraft Operations Engineering service support request for a (junior) Spacecraft Operations Engineer, assigned initially to pre-operational Sentinels missions within the Earth Observation mission division (i.e. not linked to Copernicus COP-1 operational phases). The primary areas of responsibility for this service covers Spacecraft Platform (Thermal, Power, TT&C) and Ground Operations engineer in support to the Earth Observation missions, in prevision of the upcoming pre-operational activities to be performed with the current and future Sentinels and Earth Explorers missions.

You will be assigned as a member of the Flight Control Team (FCT), to participate in the pre-operational phases, including special operations (i.e. LEOP, Commissioning) and in testing campaigns (Simulations, SVT, in-flight tests). You may be requested to assume the responsibility and perform activities for additional subsystems or systems within the scope of general SOE services, including test, validation and operation of the Mission Control System, Mission Planning System and Simulator.

The general activities to be supported by this service are (depending on the phase of the mission): 

  • Satellite Operations
  • Validation, test and operation of the MCS, including the Mission Planning System.
  • Validation, test and operation of the Simulator
  • Generation, validation and maintenance of the FOP in the volumes indicated by the TR (initially platform Power/Thermal/TTC area, but also for other subsystems)
  • Support for FOS procurement, integration and tests
  • Participation in System Validation Tests (SVT), Ground Segment Validation (GSV) and Training and Simulations programme
  • Review of satellite documents
  • Participation to pre-operational activities (LEOP and/or Commissioning operations) as required
  • Ground Operations
  • Collection of information / data regarding the performance of the mission and provision of inputs for mission reports.
  • Support the FCT in the configuration, set-up and operation of the Sentinels NDIU CORTEX and Lite.
  • Support the FCT in the configuration, set-up and operation of the Sentinels MUST and GFTS servers.
  • Routine Mission plan generation support/checking, as required.
  • The tasks to be performed require a considerable initiative and flexibility in executing the assigned tasks.

For the full profile and to apply please visit www.scisys.de/spacejobs