Tue, 16 May 2017
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System Operations Engineer

For the location in Darmstadt (Germany) we are looking for a System Operations Engineer to work on the Mission Performance Team at EUMETSAT.

The focus of routine operations at EUMETSAT is the provision, by effective utilisation of all elements of the space and ground systems, of timely and reliable operational services to the users.

The main control centre for satellite operations, data acquisition, processing, distribution and archiving is at the EUMETSAT Headquarters. There are various Ground Stations and backup centres located in Europe.

Within the Operations Department, the Real-Time Services and System Operations (RSO) Division is responsible for the end-to-end system and mission operations, including ground stations, data and product processing, communications, and dissemination of the data and products to users. RSO also supports the Flight Operations Division (FLO) in space system flight operations, as well as mission analysis and mission control.

The consultancy is required for the routine operations phases of the current GEO (MTP, MSG) and LEO (EPS, Sentinel-3 and Jason) missions, and to provide consultancy to the preparation of future missions, including MTG, EPS-SG and Sentinel-6 / Jason-CS.

The Contractor shall provide consultancy for the mission performance of the current Ground Segments (MSG Ground Segment, the EPS Overall Ground System (‘OGS’), and Copernicus/Sentinel-3 Ground Segment), as well as their evolution, as well as to the future programmes. Main tasks will include:

  • System operations in a real-time operations environment;
  • End-to-end operations monitoring;
  • User messaging systems configuration and operation;
  • Configuration of event monitoring and end-to-end monitoring systems;
  • Monitoring infrastructure configuration and operation
  • Multi-mission element and infrastructure operations;
  • Mission Performance System Evolutions for existing and new programmes, in particular for EPS-SG and Jason-CS.
  • The consultancy comprises a range of tasks including the provision of consultancy for the routine operations of the LEO & GEO ground segments, as well as their evolution to include new programmes and system operations.
  • The Contractor will be responsible for the definition and/or maintenance of the routine operations procedures pertaining to mission performance operations and the interfaces of the key systems within the ground segment, in accordance with the established EUMETSAT Operations Department configuration management and quality assurance practices.
  • As part of the operations evolution, the Contractor will be responsible for the re-design and evolution of the mission performance systems to support existing and new programmes.
  • The Contractor will acquire and maintain a System-wide view of the MSG System, the EPS CGS and OGS, and Copernicus/Sentinel-3, particularly in the areas of system end-to-end monitoring & control and data flows.
  • The Contractor will review any planned changes to the mission performance system configurations for LEO and GEO ground segments, and support the investigation of anomalies encountered through the routine system and ground segment operations.
  • The Contractor will provide consultancy for the development and operations preparation for recurrent satellites in existing operational programs (e.g. Metop-C and MSG-4), and for future operational programs currently in development (including Sentinel-3, MTG and EPS-SG).
  • The Contractor via its key person will interface with project teams on the implementation of system upgrades to support major operations projects, including System Mid-Term Evolution Plan, recurrent satellites, and any System hardware and operating system obsolescence upgrade.

For the full profile and to apply please visit www.scisys.de/spacejobs