Fri, 21 Apr 2017
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MTG Verification Engineer

For the location in Darmstadt (Germany) we are looking for a MTG Verification Engineer to work at EUMETSAT.

The MTG System is composed of the following operational entities:
- Space segment,
- Ground segment,
- Satellite Application Facilities (SAFs).

The MTG System comprises in addition the following services:
- Launch services,
- Launch and Early Operations Phase (LEOP) services.

The Space Segment consists of a constellation of 6 3-axis stabilised satellites in geo-stationary orbit, including 4 (MTG-I) satellites supporting the Imagery missions and 2 (MTG-S) satellites supporting the sounding missions. All of them are procured via ESA. The general task of the Contractor via its key person shall be the provision of advice and engineering consultancy to the MTG System & GS Requirements Verification Engineering in the frame of the Phase C/D of the MTG Programme.

It is expected that the tasks of the Contractor will include as a minimum:

  • Contribution to the preparation, execution and reporting of the MTG requirements verification engineering activities, including:
  • Support the refinement of the pre-launch system verification strategy at the level of individual requirements with the elaboration of the Initial Verification Control Document (VCD) at System and Ground Segment levels, ensuring the consistency of the verification approach with lower levels using the traceability of requirements;
  • Perform the progressive establishment of the MTG verification status for each requirement, maintaining the verification status of the System and Ground Segment levels in close-coordination with the status of the lower levels;
  • Review the VCDs produced at lower levels and report on inconsistencies then ingest them in the upper level VCDs;
  • Contribute to the generation of the Verification Control Document (VCD) and associated verification reports in-line with the results of the Detailed Design Phase and the results of the of the testing execution ;
  • Contribute to the definition of the test scenarios and tests specifications regarding the list of requirements to be verified by testing in-line with VCD;
  • Prepare inputs to Verification Control Boards (VCB) and other ad’hoc meetings as requested;
  • Generate periodic reports with quantitative metrics and indicators on the status of verification of the whole system and alert on the outcome of those.
  • The set-up and maintenance of the verification support tools necessary in support to the verification control activity in DOORS in coordination with the DOORS maintenance & administration team including:
  • The set-up and maintenance of the tool for the generation of the initial and final VCD in DOORS and its daily administration, with the development of ad’hoc DXL scripts and views required for the execution of the verification control in DOORS;
  • The tools for the ingestion into EUMETSAT DOORS database of external VCD as delivered from the contractor.

For the full profile and to apply please visit www.scisys.de/spacejobs