Fri, 10 Mar 2017
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LEO Spacecraft Operations Engineer

For the location in Darmstadt (Germany) we are looking for a LEO Spacecraft Operations Engineer to work at EUMETSAT.

The Contractor via its key person shall provide consultancy to the Operations and Services to Users Department and responsibility will be taken for the operations of in-orbit subsystems and/or instruments, as well as for the operations preparation and operational conduct of in-orbit verification for those subsystems and instruments on the Metop-C satellite. Furthermore, this may also include consultancy to the on-board software management, simulator configuration, automation of routine analysis or other activities included within the scope of activities of the Metop Spacecraft Operations Team.

The key person shall establish effective working interfaces with the satellite operations activities of other operations engineers and analysts, and external teams responsible for mission control, mission planning, flight dynamics and ground stations. Additionally, the Contractor via its key person shall provide consultancy to system and operations preparation activities for Metop Second Generation satellites and possibly also for Jason-CS / Sentinel-6 and Sentinel-3.

The Contractor shall be required to provide consultancy via its key person to operations during normal working hours, and if allocated to Metop support, the on-call operations engineer rota, such that safe and efficient operations are ensured by the Spacecraft Operations Team on a 24/7 basis.

The tasks of the Contractor via its key person will typically include:

  • Provision of consultancy to the routine operations of the existing operational satellites Metop A, - B:
  • Provision of operational expertise to platform subsystems and/or payload instruments and/or on-board software management, satellite simulator and ground segment operations interfaces;
  • Maintain the corresponding operations documentation and flight procedures, including the update and operational validation of procedures releases in a configuration controlled environment;
  • Perform trending and performance analysis on the corresponding subsystems and instruments, including definition of additional automated analysis and checks where necessary;
  • Investigations into satellite anomalies. This may require a close co-operation with the Operations Support Entity (in ESA and Industry);
  • Support the coordination of partner agency interactions for relevant subsystems/instruments;
  • Participation in the satellite on-call support rota;
  • Identification and support to implementation of system and process improvements concerning the Metop Spacecraft Operations Team responsibilities and interfaces.
  • Support the definition and eventual execution of Metop-A in-orbit technology testing and end-of-life operations.
  • Provision of consultancy to the operations preparation and early operations of the recurrent Metop-C satellite:
  • Update, verify and validate the subsystem or instrument procedures and associated operational documentation for Metop-C, including support to Satellite System Validation Tests and other Ground Segment Validation Testing.
  • Participate in Metop-C Satellite In-Orbit Verification Testing.
  • Provision of consultancy to the satellite operations preparation of the new generation missions - Metop Second Generation and Jason-CS/ Sentinel-6:
  • Provide inputs and / or review the definition of system and satellite operational concepts.
  • Provide consultancy to satellite design reviews and operability discussions.
  • Provide consultancy to satellite control ground segment reviews and operability discussions
  • Review space to ground interface specifications and flight operations manuals
  • Support the definition of tools and processes required to prepare for and operate the satellites.
  • Develop and test the database, procedures and operations guides
  • Prepare for and execute Satellite System Validation Tests for assigned subsystems and instruments
  • Develop training material for routine operations control personnel.

For the full profile and to apply please visit www.scisys.de/spacejobs