Wed, 01 Mar 2017
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Spacecraft Operations Engineer on XMM/Integral

For the location in Darmstadt (Germany) we are looking for a Spacecraft Operations Engineer on XMM/Integral to work at ESOC.

The primary areas of responsibility for this position are Systems Engineering services but the service provider may be requested to assume the responsibility and perform activities for additional subsystems or systems within the scope of general SOE services, including test, validation and operation of the Mission Control System, Mission Planning System and Simulator.

The general activities to be supported by this position are (depending on the phase of the mission):

  • Study of Project specific Characteristics and Ground Segment Documentation
  • Preparation of Functional Requirements for the Project dedicated Flight Control Software with emphasis on automation aspects
  • Participation in the Analysis and Design of Satellite Operations with emphasis on automation aspects
  • Preparation of Functional Requirements for the Project dedicated Flight Control Ground Facilities
  • Preparation of Flight Control and Contingency Procedures
  • Mission Management and Mission Planning Support
  • On-Board Software Maintenance Support
  • Production of Project specific Software Validation and Satellite Interface Validation Test (SVT) Procedures, Reports and Participation in SVTs
  • Participation in the System Operations Validation Test (SOV), Training and Simulation Programmes
  • Participation in Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and Mission Critical Operations
  • General Flight Control Support
  • Spacecraft Performance Analysis

Initially this service will focus on the XMM and INTEGRAL Missions and the initial tasks to be are:

  • Testing of MCS deliveries, in particular supporting automation and GMMS interfaces
  • Testing of GMMS deliveries
  • Testing of NIS functionality
  • Testing of Automation functionality
  • Development and testing of MOIS procedures
  • Support to mission planning
  • Support to MCS anomalies
  • Support to G/S testing
  • Support to Spacon training
  • Support to X-reference review
  • Support to simulator testing and procedure development for SPACON training
  • Support of day to day operational issues, line outages etc.
  • These tasks will further evolve to accommodate the Missions Needs.

For the full profile and to apply please visit www.scisys.de/spacejobs