Thu, 09 Feb 2017
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Quality Assurance Support on EPS-SG

For the location in Darmstadt (Germany) we are looking for Quality Assurance Support on EPS-SG to work at EUMETSAT.

To ensure continuity of the core missions supported by the current EPS/Metop system and to fulfil complementary user needs, a follow-up programme (EPS-SG) is currently being prepared by EUMETSAT. EPS-SG will be based on a two-satellite configuration with respectively a launch readiness by 2021 for the first satellite and by 2022 for the second satellite. Recurrent satellites will be provided and launched in order to achieve a minimum of 21 years of operations.

EUMETSAT QA Engineers are deployed as integrated support to the various programmes, but belong to the PRS division which is part of the TSS Directorate. The key person to the EPS-SG QA Team will provides support to the EPS-SG Programme. In particular the key person will perform QA activities related the EPS-SG Programme in the following areas:
- System Integration and Validation (SIVV);
- Operations Preparation;
- Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP).

The tasks of the key person shall include the following:

  • Implement EUMETSAT QA policies in the assigned areas, in accordance with the Programme specific QA plan for all phases covered by this SoW and the relevant contract, more specifically:
    - Implement the EPS-SG QA plan for the management of the activities in the assigned area of responsibility, and propose updates as appropriater;
    - Define and maintain QA procedures for Phase C/D, in the assigned area of responsibility;
    - Ensure the correct implementation of the relevant processes in the assigned area of responsibility.
  • Ensure that the baseline definition of the System Requirement Document (including management of Change Requests, Change Proposals, Requests for Waiver / Deviation, preparation of Change Control Board meetings, etc.) is properly defined and controlled in its evolutions;
  • Organise and support the Anomalies Review Boards (ARB) and Non-conformances Review Boards (NRB);
  • Analyse and report to the QA LEO Manager on QA critical issues, proposing and following up preventive and recovery actions;
  • Provide QA consultancy for the Risk Management activities in line with the EPS-SG Risk Management Plan and PRD arrangements, organising risk sessions, maintaining the Risk Register in the assigned area of responsibility, following up associated actions and proposing updates to the Risk Management Plan as necessary;
  • Support the definition and regular monitoring of established metrics on the main processes within the assigned area of responsibility;
  • Follow the activities in the assigned area of responsibility liaising with the LEOP suppliers’ QA office, agreeing QA processes, reviewing QA aspects of deliveries, attending progress meetings as relevant and identifying areas of concern pertaining to QA;
  • Review (and contribute to as required), from a QA perspective, the documents produced by EUMETSAT contractors and by the EUMETSAT EPS-SG team;
  • Organise project reviews related to the EPS-SG in the assigned area of responsibility according to the prescribed processes, also acting as Review Secretary as required;
  • Support QA audits performed by EUMETSAT, as required;
  • Provide QA consultancy for the implementation of Configuration Management processes in the assigned area of responsibility.

For the full profile and to apply please visit www.scisys.de/spacejobs