SCISYS’ ability to make systems and hardware work together seamlessly are valued and sought after in the defence market.  Our ability to transfer technologies between domains means we bring high value at low risk.
SCISYS is currently working on Astute, Warrior, Transformation, Lightning 2, FDG and MAST.

We have been working on  defence programmes both directly and through prime contractors for over 20 years  More detail on the main areas of capability are outlined below. 

Electronic Architectures

SCISYS electronic architecture in action - Click to enlarge

Electronic Architectures allow multiple systems, sensors and other hardware to communicate, monitor and control from a single interface, whilst being integrated with other mission aids such as situational awareness, mapping, communications, targeting and armaments. SCISYS’ capability in this area is called SEAF (SCISYS Electronics Architecture Framework). SEAF is used in land vehicles (Warrior Transformation, FRES), marine vehicles where it is known as MACSYS (CTruk THOR, RNLI Shannon) as well as complex messaging environments (e.g. Bowman Trainer).

GeoInt / Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographical intelligence is essential to all defence operations. Crown Copyright

SCISYS has seamlessly integrated geographic and situation information into battlefield and business systems for the last 15 years, whether in vehicles, command and control locations or for training and simulation.  We have used a wide range of GIS toolsets, including Open-source, across many programmes. As well as user interfaces and workflow systems that use GIS we understand how to organise, maintain and distribute geodatabases.  In this regard we are active as part of Team Socrates in the Future Deployable GeoInt (FDG) programme.

Synthetic Environments & Mission Planning

Mission planning for naval exercises

The ability to visualise, test and confirm the capabilities of planned systems and individual missions for operational systems is becoming increasingly important in defence: reducing risks, improving investment and the likelihood of mission success. SCISYS provides services to a wide range of programmes in this area. A good example is the Maritime Activity Scheduling Tool (MAST), which is in use in the Royal and Dutch Navies to plan complex naval exercises (as shown).  Other examples include mission simulation for JCA and the Warrior Gunnery Trainer, where ballistic models were implemented in a games engine and connected to the cannon control hardware and used to simulate a range of engagement scenarios (weather, night time) with after action review capabilities. 


The Makefast BISA in use in the field (Crown Copyright)

Network Enabled Capability (NEC) systems allow proactive use of live information in battlefield decisions. SCISYS has produced practical NEC applications that support the war fighter. Examples are our contribution to the Defence Targeting Toolset, the Bowman Training  Simulator and the Makefast BISA (Battlespace Information System Application) for the Royal Engineers which is  pictured in use in the field. 

Situational Awareness

Cameras integrated into the CTruk THOR - Click to enlarge

Gathering information about the surrounding environment and emerging situation, fusing it and placing it in context of location and priority is essential for planning and theatre decision making.  SCISYS has integrated remote and platform sensors with message and information feeds to provide the warfighter with the right information at the right time, as well as video record, search and playback systems.  Current examples include Warrior, Astute and the CTruk THOR. 

Automation and Autonomy

Autonomous vehicle using only camera feeds - click to enlarge

SCISYS is a European Leader in the use of autonomy for robotic exploration of our solar system, whether as satellites or planetary landers.  There are numerous applications for this technology in the defence domain, especially in areas where power is an issue, normal navigation aids cannot be relied upon or the asset is not in constant communication with base.  The vehicle pictured is being autonomously navigated without GPS or LASER scanner using only camera inputs.   SCISYS is also a leader in automation - removing mundane tasks from control room situations and speeding up the utilisation of information from one system to another, for example in controlling spacecraft and procedures on oil rigs.

Military Space

SCISYS is a leader in supporting space missions, in various roles, including flight dynamics, creating ground control systems and on-board spacecraft control.  SCISYS is participating in the “cheap space” Gioconda cubesat programme that will deploy an advanced experimental radio payload for the MoD.  SCISYS is also a key contributor to the European satellite navigation programme: Galileo:  See our SPACE Galileo pages for more detail. 

Administration Systems

In Administrative Systems SCISYS is a member of the FATS catalogue as well as being listed on the Government G-Cloud.  SCISYS has undertaken many development and consultancy assignments across the MoD. Many of these systems utilise our core skill in browser based database information systems, for deployment into the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII).

Research and Proof of Concept.

A collaborative mission planner - click to enlarge

SCISYS is committed to Research in the defence arena – for example, we are members of the Aerospace & Defence, Sensors and Road Transport knowledge transfer networks and actively participate in Technology Strategy Board projects.

For example, as part of the Network Enabled Capability for Close Combat (NEC4CC) research programme SCISYS developed a distributed Collaborative Mission Planner (pictured). The aim of the project was to determine whether battlegroup mission planning could be distributed and collaborative, and work over a connectionless or unreliable network. Trials showed that such a system increases shared situational awareness and consequently the tempo and quality of decision making

On Site / in Theatre Support

SCISYS staff have a huge range of knowledge and skills that can be brought to bear to augment teams within a programme or project team, or even in support of CONDO operations in theatre.

For more information

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